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Get Creative and Eco-Friendly With Seed Paper


Homemade seed paper can be used to make unique gift items such as gift tags. The bio-degradable paper is made by shaping a mixture of seeds and paper pulp. Chunks of unwanted printed paper, cardboard and newspaper is used to make the paper pulp.

The process of creating the seed paper is simple and without the need of special devices. The outcome of the process is a paper with a textured effect and a rustic appeal.  Paper cut into different shapes can be decorated and used. When you no longer need it, the paper can be planted in soil and the embedded seeds sprout.

Seeds of a smaller size of flowers, herbs and vegetables are ideal for paper that can be planted. If you are gifting the decorative piece, add an instruction note to the recipient so that he knows how to use the plantable seed paper.

Seed Paper Materials For Making Homemade Gift Tags

  • Scraps of unwanted paper and cardboard
  • Seeds
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Hand blender
  • A towel
  • Cookie cutters to mould it into shapes
  • Plastic sheets

Making the Seed Paper Gift Tag

Chunks of paper are soaked in water until it is completely saturated. A pulp is made by blending it well with a hand blender. Then it is squeezed into a lump and the water is strained. The pulp is mixed into a smooth mass. A fistful of seeds are then thrown into the mixture and mixed thoroughly with a spoon.

The cookie cutter is placed over a plastic sheet and the filled with paper pulp. It is pressed firmly for an even shape. The paper pulp is gently pressed with a towel to remove excess water.

The pulp is dried well so that the seed don’t begin to sprout. The paper is then placed in a warm environment having sufficient air circulation around. Once it is dried, the finished gift tag can be decorated with a thread or a ribbon.

Tips to be Kept in Mind

It is suggested that you work on a sturdy and clean surface as the process involved is messy. Rubber stamps can be pressed over the paper pulp before it is left to dry, to give a good texture and finishing. Fragments of seed paper can be kept aside to be added as an interesting detail to wedding confetti.


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