To promote an eco-friendly lifestyle among the people, a themed eco-friendly business park, named The Seasons Greene eco-industrial park, will soon be launched in south Hudson. The proposal for this theme park was planned in the year 2011. This innovative park is said to be situated in an approximate area of 165 acres, on Seasons Road.

The Themed Eco-Friendly Business Park

In the proposal, the business park is estimated to have around 10 buildings. These buildings will cover a build up area of around 1.4 million square feet. This park will be a host to businesses that are related to alternative sources of energy. Each of these businesses will employ close to 100 employees. According to John R. Shutsa, the developer and owner of the land, once the park is constructed, around 1000 people will be working in it on a regular basis.

Job Opportunities and Use of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to the Director at the Hudson Economic Development, Chuck Wiedie, this park will help create job opportunities for the local people as well. When the residents get involved with alternative sources of energy, they will also promote other types of eco friendly promotional products as well.

At present, the park is in its initial stages wherein the construction plans are being finalized. The developer and owner of the property, John A Shustsa, along with his fellow associates, is spending close to $2 million to improve the condition of the property. This includes construction of roads, laying down of pipeline for water, and installation of pipelines for sanitary purposes as well. Shustsa stated that in the beginning of next year, many companies will start moving into the park, so the property needs to be in good condition before they start their operations. He also stated that by the end of the winter season, almost all the pipelines will be laid inside the park.

The Governmental Support for the Eco-Friendly Business Project

This project is also receiving support from the governmental agencies. At present, the agencies are providing grants to the owners to develop the land. The city council at Hudson is giving the project a grant of around $130,000. This money is aimed to improve the water pipes within the park. Additionally, the Summit County is sponsoring the sanitary pipeline in the park. The county is giving the park a grant of around $425,000. Furthermore, the state is giving the owners a grant of $710,000. Shusta stated that this project is receiving a lot of support and they are hoping to get grants from the US Army Corps of Engineers as well.