Whether you're attending, exhibiting, or planning a trade show or conference, there's one thing everyone at the event will have in common which is trying to stand out from the crowd.

With all of the hustle and bustle at major events, reusable trade show bags make a great takeaway, plus attendees will appreciate a bag they can use to store and carry around the promotional materials that they collect from different vendors at the show.

Reusable trade show bags are incredibly useful and rarely thrown away, so they'll be sure to leave a lasting impression. Here's how to create trade show bags that will be a real crowd pleaser and get your brand noticed.

Create Custom Trade Show Bags

If you could dream up any type of bag for your brand, what would it look like? Do you have an image in your mind? Great! Now, let's go create it. Choosing a one-of-a-kind design for your trade show bags will bring more traffic to your booth because let's face it, attendees love free trade show goodies and giveaways.

With high-quality graphics and a well-designed bag, you will be getting your brand's message out there in a subtle yet effective way. Don't forget to load your trade show bags with branded, call-to-action promotional materials and offers.

Think Outside the Bag

Traditional reusable trade show bags are always a hit but if you're looking to really stand out from your competitors, why not create something different?

Promo Utility Bags 

If you have promotional materials such as leaflets, USBs, business cards, brochures, and magazines that you plan on putting inside the bags, we recommend going for a promotional utility trade show bag. You can customize the design and show off your promo materials on the outside and inside of the bag like this:

Use promotional utility reusable trade show bags to promote your brand.

Cooler Bags 

Everyone uses cooler bags whether it be for a picnic, the beach, or lunch, so why not give trade show attendees something they will hold on to for years and possibly use on a daily basis, too.

Cooler bags make great trade show bags for attendees

Once you've chosen a style and designed the perfect reusable bag, people will be flocking to your booth in order to get their hands on one of your custom branded trade show bags.

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