The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Everyday Greeting Seed Cards

Everyone loves sending and receiving cards, but once the card has been read, it ends up in the recycle bin or in a box. But what if that card could become something new like beautiful flowers or little green plants? That is why seed cards are an excellent choice for everyone from grandmothers sending a birthday greeting to businesses sending out promotional mailings.These cards are made from seed paper: handmade paper with seeds enveloped inside. This type of paper has been made for centuries, but has become especially popular recently with the move toward greener products. It's a creative way to promote recycling, and it looks great too. The seeds not only grow into beautiful plants, but add a decorative speckling to the crafty looking homemade paper.

Seed cards are very easy to use. Those who wish to grow the seeds need only to dampen the card, cover it with water, and wait a while. Soon enough, the paper will break down and the seeds will sprout into little baby plants, which will grow larger with time and regular watering with a few drops of plant food added in.

These cards are a wonderful choice for all occasions. For birthdays, they can serve double duty: a gift and a card all-in-one! Consider pairing the card with a small pot and potting soil so that the birthday boy or girl has somewhere to plant the card as soon as they are ready. They are perfect for invitations because once an event passes invitations have no further use. If an invitation is printed on a seed card it transforms into something valuable. They are also great favors. They travel home easily, and once there grow into something that lasts longer than most other take-home items. They are a popular choice for businesses that want to show they are eco-friendly and add a little perk for their customers or clients. Every little thing sets a business apart, so these cards can make a big difference.

Reuse and Recycle When You Use Seed Cards for All Occasions

The popularity of seed paper is on the rise. It looks great and is super green. What could be better than that? Anyone wishing to add something extra to the cards they send, and add a little smile to the face of those who receive the card, should think about sending a seed card.