Personalized Seed Cards are Great for all Occasions

As an Eco-friendly merchandiser, or simply as a promoter of green ideals, whether on a business or personal front, you want to convey your green values to your clients and friends in an engaging and memorable way. Personalized seed cards are a great way to do just that.

Personalized seed cards carry embedded seeds. Therefore, they carry not only a warm greeting, or an important business message, they also incorporate a lovely gift. Recipients can actually remove the seeds and grow beautiful flowers that will remind them of the giver each time they look at them.

Seed cards can be used for all sorts of instances and events. You are limited only by your imagination. Green business promotions are one obvious choice. Use of the seeds adds a visual dimension to the use of buzz words like grow and green. However, seed cards also make beautiful and touching baby announcements, wedding announcements, birthday cards and thinking-of-you cards too.

Use Personalized Seed Cards to Promote Your Business has a wide array of seeded card options, from folded greeting cards, to business cards, promo cards, invitations, and much more. These seeded cards can be personalized in a variety of ways. One way is to buy a beautiful seeded cover to snap over a custom-printed folding card. Anther way is to have your logo and graphic printed directly on seeded paper. You can also buy your own seed paper sheets to custom-create your own greetings, invitations and business tools.

These seeded papers are available in no less than twenty-one neutrals, pastels and vivid colors, including teal, salmon, cranberry, terracotta and violet. They are made entirely from recycled paper.

The standard size for these colorful seeded sheets is 8.5 x 11 inches. However, plain white seeded paper is also available in size 13.25 by 17.95 inches. All inks are Eco-friendly. Products are tested in accordance with the rulings of California proposition sixty-five to ensure that there are no chemical contaminants.

The seeds embedded in the sheets are poppy, catchfly, English daisy, baby blue eyes and other wildflowers. However, Earth promos will assist you in creating a customized seed mix if that is your wish. Add-ons like ribbons and eyelets can be incorporated into your own custom design.

Your friends, family and business associates will be impressed with your savvy green style when you send personalized seed-embedded cards. More importantly, your words will carry the additional weight of a lovely grow-able gift.