The ban on the plastic bags in Thurston had dramatic results in terms of encouraging the use of paper bags and reducing the pollution caused to the environment. The ban on the paper bags and the slight charge imposed on the purchase of such bags made people start using their reusable bags that were long forgotten by many.

Thurston Plastic Bag Ban Has Surprising Results!

The ban imposed on the use of plastic bags lead to apprehensions among the businesses regarding the inconvenience that it might cause to the customers. Some grocers were expecting a dramatic backlash from the consumers in the form of reduced sales and protests to pay for the paper bags every time they make a purchase. However, the ban on plastic bags started working in favor of businesses as they could use 50 percent fewer bags than they would, on a given business day.

As majority of the customers are bringing their own reusable bags from their homes, the amount that businesses have to spend on purchasing plastic bags has gone down. Some small businesses in Thurston are also benefiting due to the 5-cent charge that is imposed on each paper bag taken from the store.

People are also happy regarding the ban and believe that the fee is making them remember carrying their reusable bags while shopping. Many people are of the opinion that banning the use of plastic bags is an effective way of curbing the use of plastic and paper bags than the use of other means like signs, recycle bins, and notes. Even the companies that were in the business of recycling plastic bags have supported the ban due to the reduction in the litter that the ban on plastic bags has brought.

Thurston Businesses Go-Green with Promotional Reusable Bags

One of the best ways of tackling the plastic bag ban is through the use of promotional reusable bags to promote eco-living. Reusable bags can sold for a nominal price by businesses so that customers can again get used to the practice of carrying of bags from their home. Reusable bags can be promoted as the means of reducing the environmental pollution caused by the plastic bags for a cheaper price.

The experience of Thurston makes it amply clear that hard decisions like banning of plastic bags can be taken without experiencing a severe backlash from the customers and taking a hit on the profit margins. What is required is a pragmatic approach to solve the issue at hand.