A law passed in 2020 allowed Virginia cities to charge a $.05 tax on any plastic bag used within its boundaries. The law is helping cities turn denizens to reusable products. Learn more about these rules, how to adjust as they sweep the country, and how to go reusable.

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The Plastic Bag Tax

Cities and counties in the state of Virginia only have the power they’re granted by the state. Plus, under what’s known as the Dillon Rule, municipalities have spent quite some time seeking assistance from the state. Fairfax County Supervisor James Walkinshaw told the Virginia Mercury, “One of the things that we have asked for over the years is the authority and the tools to better regulate and deal with plastic pollution, including plastic bags.”

As a result, Virginia cities and counties have had to wait. Yes, they may have wanted to go reusable, but they couldn’t force the issue. Now that they can charge a five-cent tax, reusable products can become more popular. Plus, plastic pollution will drop.

Are Plastic Taxes Working?

Businesses can adapt by trying reusable totes and bags. Pollution figures indicate that pollution drops with plastic bag taxes. The number of plastic bags found in the Anacostia River has dropped due to a plastic bag tax in DC. With that law in place since 2009, there’s quite a lot of data to mull over.

How Can Businesses Adapt to the Loss of the Plastic Bag?

When you want your business to adapt properly to an impending plastic bag tax, there are a few options. First, your business can simply do away with plastic bags. Encourage customers to bring their own bags.

Next, you can order, provide, and/or sell reusable shopping bags. Consider the options:

  • Markets can sell reusable shopping bags to shoppers
  • Retail outlets can offer reusable shopping bags with each purchase
  • Businesses can deliver products and information with reusable shopping bags

Plus, your business can choose a beautiful design for these bags. Adding your logo to the bag increases the scope of your marketing. Customers can see your phone number and email or website. Moreover, your business stands out when you use striking colors.

Order Today

Yes, you can order your favorite reusable bags today. Remember, taxes on plastic bags will continue to pop up around the country. With these tips, your business can be ready.