You might have marveled at magicians taking out rabbits from their hats, but did you know you can take out money from your reusable bags? Well, not exactly, but every time you carry a reusable bag while shopping, you do save money by not paying extra for the plastic bags offered by the stores. It is understandable that you may forget to carry one at times. What if there was something that could always remind you to carry a reusable bag? Surprisingly, Shopping Bags Solutions claims to have the answer to your problem. SBS has come up with reusable bags, wherein you get paid for remembering to carry the bag. Wondering how? Here is the answer.

What Is Special About the SBS Bag?

Chandler Hadraba, the man behind the bag, explains that it comes with a patent pending external pocket, meant for storing all your gift cards, discount coupons, rewards, special offers and so on. The bags also give the users access to the incentives offered at So, every time you carry the bag, you get to avail the money saving offers. Forgetting the bag means missing out on the incentives. Isn't that an innovative way of making you carry wholesale reusable bags?

What's more, the bags are produced by US veterans from Made in America, giving them the 'local' tag. A few bags testers were recently given out to some shoppers in California and they were all praises for the bags. One shopper said that he wasn't aware of the concept of digital coupons and thanked SBS for pointing him in the right direction. Another person mentioned that she previously used to throw away all the coupons and discount offers, but now positively stores them in the SBS bags and makes the most the offers. With the SBS bag in your hands, you also do not need any more useless apps for reminding you to carry reusable bags while shopping.

Shop and Save Money with Wholesale Reusable Bags

An increasing number of Californians are being made aware of the importance of using wholesale reusable bags instead of plastic ones. Reusable bags are not just safer and environment-friendly, but also help in carrying a larger amount of groceries. You can wash the bags after a couple of uses and reuse them for a long time, unlike plastic bags which tear away after one or two uses.