What business does not what to be eco-friendly? Now, thanks to innovative companies, it is easier to do than ever. Learn more about seed paper, and how is can positively portray your business as being environmentally conscious.

What Is Seed Paper?

This paper type is rather self explanatory. It is uniquely made from various plant seeds and herbs. These items are then closely ground together, and often times put together by hand to create the end result. This alternative paper form is fully recycled and 100 percent bio degradable. This paper is available in standard solid colors, but is also for sale in vibrant varieties thanks to nature's help! Did we mention after you use the paper is can actually be planted in soil like any other seeds, and sprouts will appear?

Using the Paper at your Business

Whether you are looking at changing the habits of a large corporation or embracing the already all natural vibe your office has to offer, we have something for you. It is not only used as your standard printing paper alternative, it can be used in so many other fun ways. Think seed paper calendars, postcards, coasters, envelopes, journals and more. These items are dyed with vegetable-based, all-natural pigments for pure, healthy color hues bringing excitement to any environment.

Market Away

This unique paper is perfect for making a statement. As we previously discussed, yes it can be used internally, but why not make your company memorable by using it externally? The paper is popularly used for invitations, thank you cards, business cards and more.

Talk About Seed Paper on Your Website

It's OK, you can use this paper for branding purposes. Numerous corporations along with small companies create corporate responsibility tabs on their website. This is a great opportunity to market your business, and boast about innovative paper usage. Instead of wasting trees, your company will be helping to grow and nurture new plant life. This is clearly something to be proud about, and should be on your website where you often make your first impression.

If your company is looking for a new age way to embrace the green living realm, you just found it. Put your best foot forward with fully recycled, biodegradable paper options.