Can You Show Mother Earth You Love Her on a Piece of Seed Paper

The topic to be discussed is something called seed paper. Now this is a product that is made entirely out of seeds. Depending on the density and thickness you can grow flower seeds, vegetable seeds, even tree seeds. This is a product that has gained major momentum in the United states over the years and even has gained a following in Europe.

You can use this product for cards, stationary, and even for taking notes. This has become a healthy alternative from using traditional paper and cards. You can do the same thing with seed paper that you do with traditional paper, but there are some major benefits. For one thing you can grow this paper and becomes much less costly. Seeds cost very little or next to nothing so you can take that money, buy what you need, and plant them. Once they are grown you can use them for whatever. It's a natural alternative to traditional paper and plus it gives back more to the environment. With traditional paper you can recycle but only up to a point. With certain types of paper if you take them to the recycling place they will only accept certain kinds and the rest get thrown out.

Dont Forget to Re-Plant Your Seed Paper!

In some areas you can't even recycle any type of paper and they get thrown out. So right there it becomes a waste of money. With this product not only was it fashioned in the ground and in nature but it cuts down on other harmful carcinogens that might be floating in traditional paper. Just because it is paper doesn't mean that there aren't harmful ingredients in it. Which is one of the reasons why not every single paper item in the world is recyclable or biodegradable.

With natural seeds helping to make a natural product grow you will get the full benefits both ways. Plus at the end of the day with this type of paper you can ultimately take the ones you want to get rid of and actually recycle the seeds back into the environment and use them again without worry of causing problems.