After extensive research, therapists and psychiatrists throughout the country agree that actively keeping a journal is one of the healthiest ways to process and keep track of daily events in your life. I myself write in a journal every day, and can say that it has improved my life tremendously and greatly reduced my stress levels, as I'm able to look at things more objectively and respond to situations that arrive with a calm, clear head. Whether you've had a good day or a bad day, carving fifteen minutes out of your schedule can drastically improve your life. Journaling is a very personal process, and people have different times of the day when they like to do it and can even create rituals around how they do it. Some do it in complete silence while others like to listen to classical music of jazz. Some prefer to journal in the morning, and others at night. Regardless of what your preference is, the benefits of consistent journaling are overwhelmingly positive.

Stay Organized Everyday by Using a Seed Paper Journal!

While there are many options when choosing a journal that is right for you, Custom Earth Promos offers a customizable seeded paper journal that is totally customizable to fit your needs. Each journal has forty pages and is 4” x 6” and available in twenty-one different colors. You can even customize the seed mixes that go into constructing your journal. On top of all this full-color printing with earth-friendly ink is available, along with multiple printing methods. Selecting a journal can be just as personal as keeping one, and we strongly encourage you to into looking into ours whether you've been journaling your whole life or have never tried it before.