The war on plastic bags has never been more prominent than it is right now. We've seen waves of support for plastic bag bans across the nation but there's also those who have been fighting for a ban on plastic bag bans.

One of the latest support groups on a mission to save the environment from plastic are schoolchildren in Palm Beach County, Fla. These kids recently took show-and-tell to a whole nother level.

As part of a classroom project, seventh- and eighth-graders at The Benjamin School in North Palm Beach, urged Palm Beach County commissioners to support a ban on plastic bags in stores.

In the students' joint presentation with the Juno Beach Loggerhead Marinelife Center, a non-profit education and ocean conservation facility, they presented solid reasoning for why plastic bags need to go – explaining how the bags aren't biodegradable and pointing out the toxicity they release into the environment. They also touched on how the bags can kill animals and marine life.

Commissioner Steven Abrams told The Palm Beach Post what a challenge it would be to get the law changed given opposition from legislators in the past.

“We ought to be realistic,” Commissioner Steve Abrams said. “Unless within one year they're (the Legislature) going to change their position 180 degrees, it remains to be seen. But we can consider the resolution.”

Sadly, the Florida Retail Federation and state law in Florida doesn't allow communities or local boards to ban plastic bags.

But it's not all doom and gloom for the schoolchildren. According to SunSentinel, the town of Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and 30 other communities across the state have voiced support after hearing the students' presentation.

Even if it is difficult to sway state legislators, the kids proved that no matter what age, everyone is capable of standing up for what they believe in and working towards change, particularly when it comes to protecting the environment – something we all have in common.

Interested in learning more? You can watch the Benjamin School students' presentation video at