Plastic cups, water bottles, straws, plastic cutlery and plates, are all single-use plastic products – basically some of our least favorite things on the planet. If you're anything like us and aren't big fans of plastic either, then July should be your favorite month of the year. Why? Because if you didn't already know, it's 'Plastic Free July' – a whole month dedicated to raising awareness of the amount of plastic in people's lives and how we can eliminate the use of single-use plastic during the month of July each year.

The initiative started back in 2011 in Perth, Australia with just 40 supporters and has since grown to more than one million people who gladly accept the challenge each July. Ultimately, the organization wants to encourage people to form new eco-friendly habits that not only hold up throughout July but throughout our lives.

With plastic bag bans retreating across the country and states trying to ban state bans on plastic bag bans (yes, you heard that right), Plastic Free July couldn't have come at a better more urgent time.

Do You Accept the Plastic Free Challenge?

If you're keen to join millions of people across the globe who are saying "no" to plastic this month, it's definitely not too late to participate. To get started, check out's 'Living Plastic Free' resource which will give you an entire A-Z list of alternatives for plastic products. You can also refresh your knowledge with some of our favorite resources on the subject:

Once you feel that you're fully equipped with all the eco-friendly knowledge you need to get started, you can register for the challenge here or take what you've learned about plastic alternatives and create your own challenge. As long as you at least try to reduce the plastic in your life, then you're doing your part. Just remember that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to educating others about taking care of the environment, so don't forget to pass on your knowledge and spread the word!