Most companies know they need bags for customers, but they do not think much past that. You've likely pulled open plastic bags at the grocery store or mega-mart, but those bags make no impression on you at all. Because of this, your company needs to think bigger. Turning your bags into artwork makes all the difference as you can raise up your business and others at the same time.

At Custom Earth Promos, we make sure that the artwork on your bags renders perfectly on every order.

Why Artwork?

When you are trying to make your bags look different, artwork is the best way to go. Because we offer full-color printing from edge to edge at Custom Earth Promos, you can actually use artwork on each bag. While you might not want the project to be too extensive, we can actually print the artwork from the edge, on the sides, and around to the opposite face. Plus, art grabs everyone's attention. There is not a person in the world who will not notice that your bags scream "look at me!"

The Artist

Yes, we're doing this to make your business more visible and profitable. It is a great idea, but you can also partner with a local artist to lift their business. When they create artwork for your company, you can feature them on the bag. This is good for any company because you are helping another local business that needs your support. Plus, these bags turn into collectibles.

When you place an order with Custom Earth Promos, we make sure that your artwork looks perfect on the bag. We can print across the whole bag, or we can help you find the perfect bag color to match with the art you've chosen.