There's an infinite amount of scientific information, data, and eco-friendly news sources out there pertaining to the occurrences of our planet, so much so, it can often feel impossible to stay on top of it all.

An easy solution and one of our favorite ways to keep our fingers on the pulse of eco-friendly news is through social media, particularly via Twitter. Here are some of the top Twitter accounts to follow for eco-friendly news, environmental tips, climate change factoids, and green inspiration.



"Think beyond your everyday world, and experience the Universe as it really is."

From the behaviors of endangered species to the catastrophes that shaped our planet, BBC Earth takes its 365,000 plus followers behind-the-scenes of our beautiful Universe.


If you haven't heard of the Meatless Monday movement by now, then we'll assume you've been living under a rock, but nonetheless, it's never too late to follow this nonprofit organization which encourages people across the globe to go meatless at least one day a week for not only their health but for the health of the planet, too. 

Climate Progress 

If you want to be at the forefront of climate change, Climate Progress should be your go-to for eco-friendly news. Thanks to this progressive organization, you won't miss a single beat when it comes to climate science, climate solutions, and climate politics. 


This blog is renowned for its dedicated to sustainability. TreeHugger is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly news, green solutions, and product information.