Unless you live in a place where plastic bags are officially banned, then chances are you can still be tempted by their infamous "convenience" factor at your local grocery store or retail shop.

Making the switch to reusable bags is a simple enough concept – it's forming a new habit of remembering to use them which can be the hard part. In fact, new research found that on average, it takes 66 days until a new habit is formed (aka way too long if you're hoping to save the planet soon).

We couldn't cope with the thought of waiting that long, so we came up with some ways that we hope will speed up the habit making process and help you remember your reusable bags the next time you leave the house to go shopping.

Keep these tried and tested tips in mind until grabbing your reusable bags becomes second nature.

Keep Your Reusable Bags in the Same Place 

In the same way that you keep your car keys in the same place (or at least try to), keeping your reusable bags in the same place and in plain sight will help you remember to use them. Try storing them near the front door, keeping them in your garage, or leaving them in your car. Basically, you want to find a spot that works for you where the reusable bags will be clearly visible and easily accessible.

Have Multiple Sets of Reusable Bags on the Go

If you can't choose just one location to store your bags, invest in multiple sets of bags to keep in different places. This allows you to stash one set by the front door, one set in the car, one set in the laundry room, and one set that can be rotated through on a daily or weekly basis.

Write Yourself a Reminder and Use Sticky Notes

Putting a "don't forget the reusable bags" sign or Post-it note on or near the door is a foolproof way of not forgetting them. If you know what days you plan on shopping, you can also set a reminder on your phone or add it at the top of your shopping list.

Invest in a Set of Chic (or Funny) Reusable Bags

If you buy bags that have funny or chic slogans on them or have some reusable bags customized, you won't be able to resist taking them everywhere with you.