When you want to stop carrying single-use plastic bags, you can upgrade to recycled materials and reusable bags. In fact, you can work with us at Custom Earth Promos to get the best bags, great color printing across each bag, and there are even bags where you can customize the handles. Take a look at what you can do for your business, your workers, and your community if you simply change up the handles a little.

At Custom Earth Promos, there is a solution for every customers.

Why Use Shorter Handles on Reusable Bags?

When you have shorter handles on reusable bags, you can easily carry these bags stored with heavy items across a store, into your house, or in your warehouse. Short handles mean that these bags are not scraping the floor, and you are not putting so much pressure on yourself to keep control of the bag. This is why we recommend that our commercial customers talk to us about short handles on industrial bag orders.

Why Use Long Handles?

Long handles on reusable bags allow you to sling the bags over your shoulder. You can get some amazing designs that will completely change how you manage your daily routine. Plus, a full color bag that is slung over your shoulder will look far better than that old plastic bag you have lying around. You can also use long handles when you are packing food for picnics, you want to use the bag as a diaper bag, or you could like to create a shopping bag customers can easily hook over their arms.

When you adjust the handles on your bags from Custom Earth Promos, you also get X stitching that ensures these handles never fail. You get style, functionality, and durability in one package.