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Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes

Price: $2.49 for 1 piece
Size: 16” W x 14” H x 6” D
| Thickness: 10 oz

Oz (Ounces), short for "ounces per square yard", is a unit of measurement defining the density of a bag’s material. Thicker bags will have higher oz/yd2 values.

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Reusable Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes Wholesale

Name Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes
Size 16” W x 14” H x 6” D
Thickness 10 oz
Available Colors Natural
Imprint Area 8" W x 8" H
Key Features
  • Made from Natural Jute Fiber Providing Immense Strength
  • Allows for Reuse and Long-Term Use due to Durability
  • Accommodates Bulkier Items
  • Prevents Moisture from Getting in Tote via Inside Lamination
  • Supports Weighty Contents Via a Pair of Customiazble Cotton Handle-Straps
  • Is a Great Alternative to Conventional Tote Bags
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Customer Reviews (23)
Review by Claude M
Love these sturdy eco-friendly bags for an affordable price. Great way to promote my company. Great customer support CEP.
Review by Melissa E
Amazing eco-friendly product for a very affordable price. There's no company in the industry better than Custom Earth Promos.
Review by Laura T
These bags are so sturdy! Very happy with my purchase. Needed these for my business. Thank you so much CEP!
Review by Larry A
My boss loved these bags and needed them for her upcoming event. Loved the handles! Very thick and durable bags that were a great hit for our company. Thanks.
Review by Abigail
My customers loved how these bags were eco-friendly! They were a huge hit! Thank you CEP!
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Our Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes are a textbook example of a long-lasting, everyday tote that you and your clients will enjoy for decades to come. Boasting a striking 8” W x 8” H imprint area, this tote is the perfect opportunity to advertise and increase your brand’s recognition on a sturdy bag that users will proudly display for years to come. These grocery tote bags are also exceptionally adaptable and versatile, facilitated in large part by a generous 6” gusset which allows for the addition of bulkier items that other bags simply can’t offer.


Custom Earth Promos is proud to present our Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes that are a great idea for gifting to clients as they will be durable and aesthetically appealing enough for said clients to use for years, only furthering your brand’s appeal and reach. They are stylish, highly customizable, comfortable, and large enough to accommodate practically anything reasonably imagined. In addition, you and your clients will be helping in the preservation of the environment in that these totes are completely biodegradable.

Additional Details

At a large size of 16” W x 14” H x 6” D, a respectable thickness of 10 oz, and a 6” gusset allowing for increased roominess, our Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes boast an impressive combination of durability and practicality, allowing your clients to enjoy the benefits of this product for a long time while simultaneously displaying your brand wherever they happen to travel. The durability of this tote is bolstered in a two-fold manner: both the utilization of all-natural jute in the production process and the addition of an interior laminate layer contribute to making this product one of the strongest and most reliable totes on the market today. The aforesaid laminate layer serves other purposes as well in that it aids in keeping moisture out of the tote and allows for easy cleaning of any dirt or foreign substance that happens to collect in the bag.

Comfort is likewise not sacrificed in the process of making this tote extremely durable. Each tote bag is equipped with comfort grip cotton handles, with each handle at an impressive 22” long. While your clients are comfortably strolling along the beach, store, or street with this attractive bag, others will be naturally drawn to the large 8” W x 8” H imprint area upon which you can choose any design or image to promote your brand and vision for your business. Whatever design you choose to emblazon on this tote, the natural color coupled with the chosen design will contrast nicely to provide eye-catching appeal to all who behold it.

Finally, every tote of this class is made from 100% jute fiber, which is not only incredibly strong and durable but also completely biodegradable. After your clients’ dispose of the tote (which may be never due to its impeccably well-made nature!), no harm to the environment will be caused due to the disposal. Ecological responsibility is one of our founding principles and the fact that we can deliver such high-quality products lends significant credence to the principle that purchasing from us at Custom Earth Promos is a win-win for you, your clients, and Earth.

Custom Options

The collaboration with our overseas production facility has allowed us to satisfy both large bulk orders and our customers in the process. All of your design and logo specifications for the Jute Biodegradable Grocery Totes are fulfilled using first-rate, high-quality equipment for the printing process. As always, we strive to provide you the best products at tremendously affordable rates.

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