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Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes

Size: 15" W x 18" H x 5" D
| Thickness: 10 oz Cotton / Jute

Oz (Ounces), short for "ounces per square yard", is a unit of measurement defining the density of a bag’s material. Thicker bags will have higher oz/yd2 values.

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Wholesale Custom Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes

Name Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes
Size 15" W x 18" H x 5" D
Thickness 10 oz Cotton / Jute
Available Colors Natural
Imprint Area 10"W x 5.5"H Bottom; 3"H Top
Key Features
  • Consists of 10 oz Cotton on Top and Uncoated Jute on Bottom
  • Includes Cotton Rope Handles Allowing Comfortable Transport
  • Features Stylish Metal Grommets
  • Is Reusable & Bio-Degradable Making These Bags an Eco-Friendly Selection
  • Displays Your Brand Inside a 10" W x 5.5" H Imprint Area
  • Allows for Carriage of Bulky Items due to Large 15" W x 18" H x 5" D Dimensions
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Customer Reviews (27)
Review by Ramiro B
Good company I perfer the non woven polypropylene bags for there durability and everyday practicality. But for our needs for this upcoming event Jute bags seemed to fit better. I am very excited to receive our bags.
Review by Diana M
This bag helps save the enviorment and helps me promote my company. win - win at a great price.
Review by Rose K
Awesome for grocery shopping. I bought two of these for my daughter because she lives on the second floor and it saves her so many trips to the car, they are a life saver for sure!
Review by Mary P
These bags sold quickly. They were great and sturdy for putting heavy groceries in!
Review by Alex J
These bags were fantastic! The size was just right and it made my shopping trip more enjoyable.
See all 27 customer reviews

Our Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes are a seamless mélange of durability, comfort, eco-responsibility, size, and refined style. Featuring cotton rope handles, stylish metal grommets, and convenient dimensions, the Jute Yacht Totes can be used by your clients for any outing and will effectively and effortlessly disseminate and promote your brand through your clients’ continued and long-lasting use.


Composed of jute and natural cotton, our Jute Yacht Totes are a perfect representation of the fact that durability and reliability need not be sacrificed at the expense of aesthetic value. This tote is a perfect giveaway in large part because those clients who get their hands on this product will want to keep using and displaying it, thus perpetuating recognition of your business’s brand and image.

Additional Details

Our Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes are the pinnacle of style and substance. With dimensions of 15” W x 18” H x 5” D, your clients will have no trouble packing their belongings and valuables inside for any event they may attend. The wide 5” gusset also ensures that the tote can expand to fit larger items securely inside.

Durability is also not an issue with the Eco Jute Yacht Tote. Made entirely of natural cotton and jute (often termed ‘The Golden Fiber’ due to its versatility and worldwide renown as an exceptional material), this tote is lightweight yet strong, long-lasting, and resistant to water.

The Eco Jute Yacht Tote is certainly not lacking in either style or comfort. It comes in an attractive color scheme: off-white on top and natural jute on the bottom. In addition, you can choose to imprint on either the top or bottom portion of the bag. Whichever option you choose will be complemented appealingly with grommets placed on the exterior of the tote, offering a classy, refined appearance overall. Furthering the aesthetic of the tote as well as the comfort are the cotton rope handles. Your clients certainly will not be reticent to use the Eco Jute Yacht Tote for any occasion.

Most importantly for your brand recognition is the conspicuous imprint area of 10” W x 5.5” H allowable for this tote. Whatever logo or customizable design you require will contrast nicely with the color scheme available and your clients will not be able to help absorbing your brand’s initiative and statement upon observing the tote. Your clients will also be surprised and happy to learn that these totes are entirely reusable and biodegradable, making them a responsible and eco-friendly alternative to most conventional products on the market today.

Custom Options

Whatever your promotional needs happen to be, our Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes can suit them via custom ordering at our wholesale production facility. Any customization you happen to require will be made using top-standard printing machines at our facility and will inescapably make any event for your clients a success!

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