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Seed Paper Folding Custom Cards

Size: 5.25" W x 4" H (folded)
Qty 1 250+ 500+1,000+2,500+5,000+10,000+
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Plantable Eco-Friendly Seed Paper Folding Cards

Name Seed Paper Folding Custom Cards
Size 5.25" W x 4" H (folded)
Available Colors Includes Full Color Imprint
Imprint Area 5.25" W x 4" H (folded)
Key Features
  • Eco-Friendly Message that is Entirely Ready-To-Plant and Brings Your Message to Life
  • Seed Paper Embedded with Top Performing Blend of Wildflower Seeds or Custom Mix
  • Orders Include Full Color 4 Process Printing on 1 Side with Earth-Friendly Dyes
  • Orders Include 100% Recycled from Post-Consumer Paper Envelopes
  • Handmade Seed Paper Infused with USDA-Approved, Non-GMO Seeds
  • Highest Quality Seed Paper In Industry, Highest Germination Rates
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Customer Reviews (24)
Review by Clyde M
Eco-friendly product for all affordable price. Thank you CEP.
Review by Shannon J
Love doing business with this company. Great customer support and terrific products like this one. Eco-friendly is the way to go.
Review by Nick D
My wife and I thought it would be a great idea to invest in these eco-friendly seed paper cards for our business. She was so right! This really helped our business grow. Thank you CEP.
Review by Lara R
We made seed paper cards for all our parents. We thought it would be a nice idea to be able to have the parents and kids to plant them together.
Review by Kayla
Love this company! All products are eco-friendly and USA made! Thank you CEP!
See all 24 customer reviews

Establish or strengthen your eco-responsible brand image with an exclusive order of custom designed Seed Paper Folding Cards from Custom Earth Promos. Instruct customers to plant the entire seed paper card to grow a garden of flourishing wildflowers that will benefit the ecosystem and serve as a beautiful testament to the environmentally conscious ethics of your brand. If you haven't invested in an eco-friendly advertising campaign that clearly communicates your brand's ecological investment and practices of sustainability, don't let any more time pass to establish these vital ideals. Deciding factors of brand trust and loyalty have been increasingly affected by the measure of sustainable and waste reducing products, with brands known for eco-merits growing at 4x the rate of their competitors. Engage your customers with a fun and interactive environmentally-focused process that will inevitably build brand loyalty amongst eco-conscious customers and gain the attention of future customers!

With social and ecological stewardship of brands ranking at an all-time high for consumer purchasing behaviors, it is vital for the succeeding brands of tomorrow to establish a foundation of eco-integrity and even more importantly, communicate that foundation with customers. With so many industries flooded with competition, consumers face a plethora of attention-grabbing tactics each and every day. Where digital currency was growing as a driving factor for consumer purchases 5 years ago, we now see sustainability and strong eco-friendly reputation. Ranging from 55%-68%, consumers across all income levels reported a willingness to pay a premium for brands with an embraced focused on sustainability. These numbers have been on a steady and substantial rise over the last 18 months, a strong indicator that eco-ethics will remain at the top of the food chain of considered factors when it comes to the purchasing behavior of global consumers.


There has never been a more important time to distinguish your brand and company culture as environmentally responsible. One campaign can make a world of difference where planetary preservation is concerned. Solidify your eco-friendly brand image with a custom designed order of seed paper folding cards. Handmade in the USA, our seed paper begins as a pulp of 100% post-consumer recycled paper that is gently embedded with USDA-approved, non-GMO live seeds. The pulp is then laid out into large sheets of seed paper and dried at our 30 kW solar-powered facility. Every step of the production and drying process are meticulously monitored to ensure we maintain the highest germination rates possible, striving for 150-400 plants per 4"x4" area. With a folded size of 5.25" W x 4" H, Seed Paper Folding Cards provide more than enough space to effectively promote a branded message that will soon find its way to a flourishing living reminder of that very message.

To vibrantly adorn your seed paper folding cards with a custom message that effectively communicates your campaign message without affecting seed integrity, we employ a proprietary printing process to preserve the live seeds. Through inkjet spray technology, we prevent any bleed and deliver an even ink coverage on the highest quality seed paper possible. Of all three levels of printable paper we provide (Premium, Standard, and Value), our Seed Paper Folding Cards are ranked at the Premium tier with approximately 250 GSM thickness and germination rates the hover around an impressive 100%. Spread your message, build your brand and secure long-term profitability with an eco-friendly campaign fueled by ready-to-grown seed paper folding cards!

Additional Details

Our in-house design team will work with you to build an order blueprint from the ground up, determining which graphics, slogans, fun facts, and colors will best embody the objectives of your eco-friendly campaign. We'll discuss the options of full-bleed display for bold rendering and letterpress printing for an embossed texture, in addition to several other malleable details that culminate to create an ideal representation of your message and brand aesthetics. You'll soon be on your way to empowering your eco-friendly image and earning the appreciation of your customers with ready-to-bloom folding seed paper cards.

Upholding the 100% natural philosophy of Custom Earth Promos, our seed paper is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper that is guaranteed to be free of any dyes or potentially dangerous chemicals, 100% recycled cardstock and a 100% recycled envelope with each card. We use only natural, soy-based pigments to dye the seed paper in controlled conditions of our USA based solar-powered facility, eliminating eco-impact and guaranteeing our customers a product of exquisite quality.

We also have seasonal and specialty seed mixtures to further personalize your order, such as 'Evergreen Mix' for the Holidays and an 'Independence Day Mix' of red, white and blue wildflowers. Ask your design expert which specialty mixes we currently have in stock to add even more creativity to your eco-conscious campaign!

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