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Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards

Size: 7" W x 5" H (folded)
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Plantable Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards

Name Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards
Size 7" W x 5" H (folded)
Available Colors Includes Full Color Imprint
Imprint Area 7" W x 5" H (folded)
Key Features
  • Unique Seed-Embedding Process Guarantees Germination and Flower Growth
  • Vintage Letterpress Techniques Specifically Designed to Emboss Colored Paper
  • Seed Paper Pigment and Printing Done with All-Natural, Earth Friendly Dyes Only
  • Locally Sourced, Non-GMO, and USDA-Approved Highest Quality Seeds
  • Seed Paper Handmade in the USA with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material
  • Thick Paper with Rich Texture Blends with Durability for a High-End Design
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Customer Reviews (16)
Review by Daryl N
Love the design and logo you guys made for my company. These cards are for advertising and they worked like a charm.
Review by Kenneth R
Love these premium folding cards.They are so unique and it's great that they are eco-friendly. Thank you CEP for being the best in the business.
Review by Rex C
Great way to promote our company at our yearly trade shows.
Review by Jody L
Classy, spacious seed paper folding cards that look great. The colors I chose really popped on the paper.
Review by Camden
Love these premium folding cards! They are so unique! Thank you CEP!
See all 16 customer reviews

Meet one of our most advanced and impressive creations, the Custom Earth Promos' Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards collection. Our largest seed paper folding card has a commanding 7"W x 5" H (folded) size and is made with premium seed paper, which has a noticeably textured, thickset feel. We proudly provide our customers with the freedom to completely customize every detail of their seed paper card design. With more than enough room to present your branded message and a durable, yet delicate material that is both luxurious and destined to become a living reminder of your message, seed paper folding cards are the perfect eco-friendly advertising tool. Form lasting and sincere connections with customers who plant their seed paper cards, which is an innovative and cost-effective process that benefits the ecosystem, your customers, and your brand.

You will work directly with an in-house design expert to build a custom order blueprint that effectively captures and conveys your message in the specific eco-elegance, vintage embossed bohemian or post-modern severity that your message and brand embody. Our design team expert will work with you to design the folding cards which reflect the founding ideals of your brand in detailed aesthetic. We'll define a vibrant and fitting seed paper color, custom graphic imprint and specific printing technique that will optimize the exposure of your campaign.

Any brand, any audience, any message. Capture your brand with every detail and promote your campaign with planet-friendly style for increased loyalty, gained market share and increased profitability.


The versatility, eco-friendly construction, and high-end appearance make our Seed Paper Folding Cards a great way to promote your campaign with a planet-friendly canvas. With a budget-friendly price tag, ready-to-plant seed paper cards are a brilliant marketing tool to spread your message and increase the visibility of your company while establishing the strong eco-responsibility of your brand. Customers will be taken aback by the quality and presence of their custom Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards, making a memorable impression and increasing brand recognition. As they come to discover the entire card is ready-to-plant and guaranteed to grow into a beautiful wildflower garden, customers will admire your proactive initiatives for sustainability.

To effectively reach prospects, keep your current customer base, and stay ahead of your competitors, the implementation of "purpose marketing" or "pro-social marketing" has become a social responsibility. Industry leaders have come to recognize the value of ecological awareness, investment and actions of sustainability when it comes to consumer buying behaviors. Establishing an emotional connection, or "purpose marketing," such as sending customers a ready-to-plant folding card that has been personalized to match your brand, is proving to be much more effective than hard-sell techniques. Consumers are placing tremendous value in the sustainable products and practices they purchase from. Start solidifying your commitment to planetary preservation with a custom order of Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards.

Additional Details

Embodying the 100% natural philosophy of Custom Earth Promos, Seed Paper Premium Folding Cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper infused with USDA-approved, non-GMO, highest germination rate wildflower seeds. We use the greatest quality seeds in the industry, with guaranteed highest germination and the ability to thrive in any of the US Climate Zones. Our seed paper is manufactured in the USA in a 30 kW solar-powered facility, eliminating any and all eco-impact. A handmade pulp of 100% post-industrial recycled paper, free of dyes or chemicals, is infused with our top performing wildflower seeds and laid out in sheets to dry. Every step of the production and drying process is meticulously monitored to guarantee no loss of seed germination.

We utilize a proprietary method to spray the seed paper with any of our 21 available all natural soy-based pigments, bringing your custom graphic imprint to life without posing any potential threat to the integrity of the seeds. The final product is an effective, interactive and eco-friendly advertising tool that will bring benefit to the planet and build brand trust amongst eco-conscious customers. Promote your brand with absolute confidence, increase the reach of your message while demonstrating and inspiring actions of planetary preservation!

The creative team at Custom Earth Promos is coming out with new seasonal and specialty seed mixes all the time. Evergreen is a popular choice for winter holidays. We offer a "Hope Mix" for breast cancer awareness with all pink perennials and annuals and an "Independence Day Mix" of red, white and blue wildflowers to promote any Fourth of July event, sale or milestone. Be sure to ask you design specialist which custom mixes we currently have in stock and customize your order to include the seeds of your choice!

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