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BPA Free Plastic Bottles

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reusable BPA-free bottles are convenient to carry at the beach and outdoors

BPA-Free Plastic Bottles Are Better for the Planet

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a transparent material with impressive durability and resistance, making it the top choice for reinforcing safety products like bullet-proof glass and bike helmets. BPA also plays a valuable role in Healthcare advancement, providing industrial strength, transparent housing for medical equipment and diagnostic devices. While providing a plethora of benefits for certain fields, BPA quickly turns toxic when submerged in water or moist soil. Plastic water bottles completely degrade within a year of hitting the ocean water, leaching toxic BPA that poses a great threat to oceanic ecosystems, marine life and our own health. By replacing disposable plastic water bottles with reusable, BPA-Free Plastic Bottles, you help to reduce the negative eco-impact caused by the mass production, disposal and toxic decay of BPA plastics.

BPA-Free Plastic Bottles Are Better for Your Brand

Custom Earth Promos’ BPA-Free Plastic Bottles are fully customizable with custom colors, styles, lids, fruit infusers and graphic imprint options to showcase your socially and environmentally responsible brand. Give your customers BPA-Free Plastic Bottles as a loyalty incentive that also helps to improve their health and the health of our planet! These stylish alternatives to wasteful plastic bottles are sure to grab attention and increase your eco-responsible brand value. Promote your brand on a product that supports improved health of the environment and your customers to guarantee optimized exposure, increased brand recognition and secured loyalty among eco-conscious customers. Customize a brand-exclusive design of BPA-Free Plastic Bottles with one of our in-house design experts that fully captures your brand aesthetic with each eco-friendly detail.