Summer outings are something that we’re getting back to in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t want to say, “get out of the house in these difficult times.” That’s not what this is. We want you to love living where you do, take advantage of lovely places you can go, and try new things.

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Summer Hikes

Hiking can be a lovely summer activity if you find places to hike that provide shade and unique trails. Hiking is the sort of summer activity you try that helps you get in shape. Plus, you’re not feeling like your whole life is dedicated to a workout routine. Plus, you can get some good pictures.

Additionally, make sure you hike with a partner. Use maps, check the GPS location on your phone, and hydrate. Also, bring some snacks. There is a recycled and reusable bag or bottle for all these things.


Tennis is a beautiful game, and we’re in the season where you can enjoy some of the biggest tournaments in the world. However, you’ll never play like Roger or Martina or Serena. However, you can find a hardcourt in a park near you. Take a partner and just enjoy the game. There’s no reason to “work” on your game when you can sweat, play a nice game, put some stakes on a few points, and head out for a lunch afterwards.

Lie Under the Stars

While there is a larger discussion to be had about light pollution, try to find a place near your home where you can drive, pitch up, and lie down under the stars. Spend some time enjoy the universe, chatting with your partner, and enjoying nature. Also, t’ll also be a good way for you to enjoy nature, listen to the silence, and simply relax.