Building custom bags for your business is all about the design. At Custom Earth Promos, we take care of the construction, printing, and styling. All you need to do is choose a design that works best for your business. Use these four tips to make each design as powerful as possible.

At Custom Earth Promos, we make sure that you get the best promotional bags and choose the best designs.

Bold Colors

Yes, you can have a black bag, but the designs must have bold colors. We prefer that you use a bag with a bold color. Pink, purple, bright green, yellow, orage, light blue, red, and even white will stand out. Use these colors to make a statement because the eye is naturally drawn to these colors. anyone who passes by with one of these bags will get noticed — with your logo, name, and contact info on the face of the bag.]

Logo Designs

Add your logo to every bag. You want the community and your customers to get used to seeing your logo. If your logo doesn't have any bright colors in it, consider making an update. You can completely shift the image of visibility of your brand with a striking color or two.

Go Big

There is nothing wrong with going as big as you can. Make it easy for everyone to see your logo and understand the contact info on the bag. If you don't add your name, logo, or contact info, go for one of our full-color prints. We can print artwork across the whole of the bag, including the side panels.

You Need Variety

Think of Bloomingdale's. One of their most popular items is the brown bag, and they put the sizes on the bag. Choose a range of bags that are functional for your customers so that everyone gets what they need.

Using these tips makes it that much easier for you to design a bag, make it look great, and bring customers to your business. Contact out Custom Earth Promos team online, over the phone, or through email for more information.