When you want to make the most of the spring and summer entertaining season (especially with vaccines and the country opening up,) spring cleaning is a must. Do you feel cluttered after the long winter? There is a solution. Use these four quick spring cleaning tips and see amazing results.

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Bag Your Clutter

For this project, you should bag all your clutter. Those magazines you read over and over — they can go. Throw out everything you don't need. Old mail can go. Just get rid of all that stuff that's in your way. If you actually want to keep something, it goes in storage.

Need to store your personal items? Pack them in a recycled or reusable bag and tie the handles. These bags hold up so much better than paper or plastic. These bags are fairly easy to stack, and you can carry them anywhere in the house. Plus, they are easy to move if you ever sell the house. No need to cram all these items in boxes.

Spring Cleaning is a Good Family Project

Spring cleaning is a good family project. Yeah, your kids might groan when you say it's time for spring cleaning, but you can be sure they'll do the same thing with their kids one day — they'll thank you later. Give everyone an assignment, let them get their jobs done, and come together at the end of the day to store everything that's left over.

Go out to dinner after or have a nice cookout to celebrate living in a clean home. This is the perfect way to enjoy good weather.

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