When you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, you might not know what to do to have the best time. While you can stay in the house and relax — we can’t blame you for that — there are other options that make it even more fun for you play outside the house this summer. These four summer activities will be nice for you and the whole family.

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A Summer Drive

The world looks different when it’s raining. Go for a leisurely drive. You don’t even need to stop anywhere. Just take a look at the world around you. However, if you get hungry or thirsty, you can pack some custom bags with your favorite food and drink.

Picnic Under the Tent

You can picnic under the tent — or it you have a canopy on your patio. Sit outside for a moment. Take in the fresh air. The world smells different when it’s raining, and this is a GREAT time to just get out of the house for a moment or two.

A Rainy Run

If the rain isn’t too bad, go on a run. This is almost an idyllic idea, but it can be nice for you if you need to clear your head. Just make sure you know the weather conditions and don’t run TOO far from home in case the weather gets worse.

Play in the Rain

Take your kids out and play in the rain for once. This is almost better than a sprinkler because it just keeps coming. Whatever your kids want to do outside — let them. You can shower when you get back inside. At some point, you’ll forget it’s raining.

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