At Custom Earth Promos, we know it can be difficult to cool down at home this summer. We have four tips listed below to help with the summer blues, and we have several items to add to your summer shopping list.

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Summer Tip #1: Reusable Water Bottles

Stay hydrated this summer with reusable water bottles. You can fill these bottles with ice, and they keep your water cold for hours. Plus, you can leave them in the fridge or freezer if needed. Drinking water is always good for you and very refreshing.

#2: Cool Towels

Yes, you turned the air on, but you were out in the yard working and that reusable bottle you got isn’t helping you cool down. Lie down and lay a cool towel over your forehead. You can even keep cool towels in a reusable bag with ice and lay them on your head as you work in the yard — just to cool down.

Summer Tip #3: Cooler Drinks

We’ve got cooler bags at Custom Earth Promos. Why not put your drinks in there and move them around the house. You get stuck at your desk and just need something to drink. What if all your chilled drinks were in a convenient, zippered bag sitting right next to your desk?

Problem solved.

#4: Fresh Fruit

Eat fresh fruit you just pulled from the fridge. Most fruit is high in water content, gives you a boost of naturally sugar, and is far more refreshing than anything else you might eat.

You can come back to Custom Earth Promos at any time, and we will help you order all the items you need to stay cool this summer and enjoy the warm weather.