When it gets warm outside, your dogs want to run out and play. There are several things you can do to keep your dogs happy, help them have a good time, and keep them safe. 

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Toy Bag for Dogs

Set up a toy bag for your dogs. When you go out, bring everything with you. If they go to the pool, lake, or river, bring your toy bag. Make sure that you always have one bag ready. Plus, you can put other things in these bags, and reusable or recycled bags hold up better to the heat and all those toys.

Keep the Dogs Hydrated

Bring out water and cool towels. The bag is the perfect place to put these items because you already brought out your toys in the same bag. Without water and cool towels, dogs can overheat quickly.


Bring treats because they help with motivation, and they fit very well in that very same bag. Plus, you might also bring out special treats like dog ice cream that you got special for the trip.

The Dog Pool

The dog pool can fold up and go in a recycled or reusable bag. Modern kiddie pools are very easy to fold up and re-inflate. Carrying one in a recycled bag makes your life that much easier.

Contact Custom Earth Promos

You can always reach out to Custom Earth Promos at any time, and you will find that it is easy to plan trips with your pets using these tips. A few reusable bags are easy to manage, and they come clean even after a long day of play with your pets in any location.