As you plan to celebrate Earth Day 2021, there are a few facts about Earth Day that you should know. Learning more about this holiday is a good thing to do, and it can inform your decisions as a business owner. Read further to understand why Earth Day matters and what you can do to help.

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Earth Day 2021 - 51 years

Earth Day 2021 is the 51st in history, and it has brought about major change in the world. The Clean Air Act was passed primarily due to the work started by the original founders of Earth Day. The Clean Water Act is also a result of pressure from those who started Earth. We can also thank the organizers for the Endangered Species Act and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Planting Trees

In 2011, Earth Day was used as a way to promote the planting of 28 million trees in Afghanistan as part of the “Plant Trees Not Bombs” campaign. This is an excellent idea that has been tried in other parts of the world. For example, organizers in Africa want to plant a forest at the base of the Sahara Desert. This is an effort to prevent the desert from spreading deeper into the heart of the continent.

Rising Populations

As the world population grows, that means that human activity becomes more pronounced. We must do our part today so that our children have a planet they can enjoy even as the population grows.

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