Pollution doesn't just come from throwing trash on the side of the road or into our environment, you can pollute the air too! Having clean air to breathe is essential for our survival. Protecting the environment from air pollution consists of controls and regulations on car emissions, ozone protection, and air quality deterioration prevention.

Air Pollution is Poisoning our Environment

Air pollution can occur by introducing chemicals and harmful particles into the air. Cars, factories, mold spores and even dust or pollen can cause pollution. All these are harmful to the environment and can affect people and the environment. Smog is one of the biggest concerns in cities. The term started in London in the 1990's to describe the smoke and fog combination that takes over our city skies.

In 1955, the government started doing research on air pollution when the "Air Pollution Control Act" was created. By 1963, the United States Public Health Service created the "Clean Air Act", which related to “controlling” the pollution that was being done by cars and factories. Then by 1967, the "Air Quality Act" was created, which increased the amount of research being done on the air and allowed for more studies and monitoring. By 1970, the "Environmental Protection Agency" was created and has been enforcing pollution protection ever since. Finally, the 1990 amendments addressed acid rain, ozone depletion, and toxic air pollution, also establishing a national permits program for stationary sources, and increased enforcement authority.

Help Reduce Air Pollution Before it Ruins our Ozone!

From 1970 on, the Environmental Protection Agency have been researching and creating amendments to help stop this pollution that is slowly killing our environment. These poisonous toxins from cars and factories will ruin our environment and ozone layer if people don't start watching out for these harmful gases and taking responsibility for their actions.