To encourage the usage of reusable bags among the residents, the Alameda city council is distributing promotional reusable bags within the city. The city council has noticed that in the past few years, the landfills meant for waste disposal, within the county, have suffered drastically due to the increased usage of plastic bags. So, the council is taking up the initiative to distribute free reusable shopping bags among the residents to help them adapt to eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags.

The ban on the usage of plastic bags

In the month of January 2013, the city council will ban the usage of plastic bags within the city limits. The Alameda County Waste Management authorities resorted to this option to try and reduce the litter within the city limits and to help save up on the expensive costs on disposing the litter. According to experts, 60 percent of the litter collected comprises plastic materials or plastic bags. So, putting a ban on the usage of plastic bags will drastically reduce the burden on the landfills where the plastic waste is currently disposed.

From the month of January 2013, all the food and liquor stores in the Alameda County, including grocery stores, pharmacies, mini marts, and convenience stores will stop providing their customers with single-use plastic bags. Instead the shoppers will have to bring along a reusable bag with them, or they can purchase a reusable bag from the store at minimal prices.

A single reusable bag will be able to replace around 600 plastic bags that are used within a household on a yearly basis. So, the city council has decided to distribute free reusable bags among the residents. According to this initiative, every household will be given one reusable bag. These free bags will be distributed at the City Hall, specifically the Public Works Counter within the hall. The City Hall is located in the Newark Boulevard.

Advantages of using promotional reusable bags

Reusable bags are beneficial to use as they are eco-friendly in nature. So, when individuals choose to dispose these bags, they can be recycled into other products or into bags again. Additionally, if the residents use reusable bags over plastic bags, the city council will save up on a lot of money that is presently spent on disposing plastic waste materials. So, the city council can use this additional money on projects that will help improve the facilities within the county.