When you get to April Fools Day, make sure that you turn the holiday into a fun experience for your customers. Yes, you could run a sale, but that's not enough to get people to buy. Try custom bags from our team at Custom Earth Promos as you come up with a plan to capitalize on this unique “holiday” that often sneaks up on you.

At Custom Earth Promos, we make sure that you get the best custom bags for April Fools Day and beyond.

Why April Fools Day?

You're not trying to scare your guests or trick them—you want April Fools Day to be a day of surprises. When you order custom bags for your store, you can create a bag that has an April Fools logo or one that is focused on the idea of surprises. You do this because you can offer gifts with purchase, surprise items, and even surprise discount.

How to Build am April Fools Day Bag

When you are ready to build a bag for April Fools, you want it to focus on surprises while remaining fun and happy. This is preferable to being mysterious—almost as if you're stealing from the customer. You don't want that. Let the bag speak to your playful nature of the playful nature of the day.

What Goes in the Bag

You want to put something fun in the bag that you know customers want. Some businesses put pens, tumblers, coffee mugs, lanyards, or other items in these bags. If you are not putting something in the bag, let your customers get a surprise discount with the bag. Spin a wheel to give them a discount, or use a randomizer to give customers a discount when they check out.

Wanna make it more fun? Fool them when they get their discount. “You only got two percent off—April Fools, it's 20 percent off!”

Order Today

When you are ready to place an order for April Fools, you can come to our website, call our office, or send us an email. At Custom Earth Promos, we make sure you get the best bag to make April Fools Day more fun.