Small eco-friendly efforts by people collectively result in bringing in big changes that help the environment. But what helps the most is when big businesses and professionals come together to save the environment with eco-friendly innovations. The concept of ‘green building' has been around for some time now, but who were the people who actually helped in making the idea successful? Here is a list of few eco-friendly architects of the nation who have been creating some beautiful and sustainable masterpieces.

Architects and Companies Following the 'Eco-Friendly' Trend

Janet Harrison is not just an architect, but is also said to be one of the leading green design consultants of the country. She studied at University of Maryland and completed her bachelor's degree from here. Presently she designs educational, residential as well as small commercial facilities. She follows a sustainable approach for all the buildings that she designs and makes sure that they all have a low environmental impact. She does this by incorporating energy efficient heating along with solar energy and cooling materials in the building.

Green Building Architect is another company that tries its best to keep the environment safe and green. It develops residential and commercial buildings which have minimal environmental impact. Four of its major goals include conservation of natural resources and energy, minimization of construction site waste as well as its impact, creation of healthy environment indoors and creation of beautiful structures.

Morphosis Architects is another eco-friendly company which works towards creation of infrastructure which is sustainable as well as low impact, two factors which are important in fighting global warming. One of the best works of the company is FLOAT House in New Orleans which is LEED Platinum certified and the annual energy consumption rate of this one comes to net-zero.

William McDonough is famous not just in the US but in the whole world for his sustainable designing approach. He has also been awarded by the Time magazine as the ‘Hero for the Planet'.

Get the Best out of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Such eco-friendly initiatives will definitely help the planet in the long run. Another thing that businesses and large companies can do is come out with eco-friendly promotional items that can serve also as a reminder for people to do their bit for the environment. Not only will they help the environment but also prove to be profitable for the companies.