Electric cars are supposed to be the eco-friendly choice. When they first took over the market, every celebrity ran to a late night talk show, beaming about buying an eco-friendly car. However, these cars may not be as eco-friendly as you think. There are a few things to consider when you buy these cars. Yes, they can help you reduce your carbon footprint, but what else is going on under the hood? You can learn more about electric cars here.

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Are Electric Cars Eco-Friendly?

Sort of. Electric cars help you reduce your consumption and carbon footprint. However making them is not as eco-friendly as you would like. You can see all the ins and outs here. One of the biggest issues for electric cars is that they produce massive emissions in production. The battery and fuel production for these vehicles is so high that their carbon offsets are often eliminated. Yes, you got an eco-friendly car, but the manufacturing process cancels out all the good you did for the planet.

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Driving Electric Cars Properly

Driving electric cars seems easy. You get behind the wheel and it just makes the planet a better place. It doesn’t work that way. Whether you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, you have to drive it economically to get the economic benefits.

Therefore, overdriving a hybrid wastes gas and overdriving an electric car wastes fossil fuels (which generally charge the car..) The popular British programme Top Gear once filmed a segment where a BMW sedan did more miles per gallon than a Toyota Prius while they both drove the same speed over the same course for several miles. Additionally, the battery power for electric cars must come from somewhere.

Charging Electric Vehicles

Charging electric cars still requires you to plug into an outlet that derives its power, most likely, from fossil fueling plants. Even if you are getting more eco-friendly power, the time of day that you charge makes a difference. Sometimes, the charging process is more efficient than at other times. Plus, some power grids are more efficient than others.

Remember that your car is a good place to start when you want to reduce consumption. However, these vehicles alone are not a panacea for the planet’s environmental problems.