Since the commencement of 2013, many counties and cities in the United States have implemented the ban on the usage of plastic bags. Albany is one among many cities that have implemented this ban as well. Many retailers and shop-owners have implemented this ban in their stores within the city limits. Some of the restaurants in the region have also implemented this ban. As a matter of fact, Ray's Food Place, a popular restaurant in North Albany, has implemented this ban from the 14th of January.

Ray's Food Place's Decision to Use Bamboo Fiber Bags

Ray's Food Place is a member of a bigger chain known as C&K Market. C&K Market announced recently that all of its outlets will ban the usage of plastic bags. According to the spokesperson of the company, Grant Lunde, the ban on single-use plastic bags is now a part of the company policy. As a company, C&K is extremely concerned about its environmental footprint and has always been responsible towards its customers. Therefore, the company has decided to implement this change in all its business branches.

At present, when the customers enter any store that is linked to C&K, they have the option to buy a reusable bag from the store at an amount of 99 cents. Or, the consumers can bring their own reusable bags to the store as well. The reusable bags that are offered by the company are made using organic materials and can be reused by the customers for various purposes. However, if the customers bring their own reusable bag at the store, they will be given a discount or a 5 percent rebate on their purchases. According to Lunde, such a system will encourage the usage of reusable or recyclable bags among the residents, and thus the burden on the landfills utilized for waste disposal will also decrease.

Using Eco-Friendly Materials to Make Reusable Bamboo Fiber Bags

Even though all the consumers have the option of purchasing reusable bags from various retailers, they can make their own reusable bags using eco-friendly materials. By making their own reusable bags, the customers will not only recycle the materials at home, but they will also save up on money. There are many materials that can be used to design reusable bags, such as cotton, jute, and old cloth pieces. Furthermore, shoppers who want to make a style statement through their reusable bags can try creating bamboo fiber bags and designer jute bags as well.