There are many ways to go green and be more eco-friendly with many products. Promotional products are no exception. Bamboo promotional bags are the next wave in eco-friendly, reusable bags for your business. Bamboo has been used for many years in decorative bags and as technology advances, it is quickly becoming the new truly sustaining and eco friendly material that can be used in many ways. Bamboo is strong and natural making it easy to use in many applications.

There are very few raw materials that are as sustainable as bamboo. Bamboo is officially categorized as a grass. The growth rate can be up to a yard or more per day. This makes it easy to replant and replenish the supply. It can grow to maturity in two to four years. Unlike trees that can take decades to mature for using as a resource. Currently bamboo is used for flooring, paneling, and many other objects that are made of conventional wood. It is even being used as a fabric, much like cotton, but stronger. This strength makes it ideal for promotional tote bags. The future does look bright for the use of bamboo in many products in the future.

Even high end bag makers use bamboo for their bags. Although on the higher end bamboo bags, it is mostly used as decoration like tassels and handles, there are bags that are made entirely of bamboo. Since before 1947 bamboo has been used to decorate and embellish. Now it is finding its way into many more materials that we use every day. From simple trinkets, to high end construction, bamboo is becoming an invaluable renewable natural resource. It is truly a green and very useful material.

Every business needs promotional products to aid in advertising. Most businesses are also looking for ways to be eco friendly and less wasteful when advertising. As the use of bamboo increases, so will the products that can be made with it. The uses of bamboo seem to be endless as we discover new ways to use it. It is as strong as steel and as beautiful as wood.