The Paterson city council is requesting all the residents to join the latest recycling program within the city. The new recycling system of the city has been designed to reward the residents, so that they are motivated to take part in the recycling activities of the city, and the officials from the city council are hoping that the residents will adapt to this system easily.

Bamboo Tote Bags System in Paterson

According to the new recycling system in Paterson, all the residents who take part in the recycling initiatives of the city will be rewarded with a certain number of points. The residents will be able to use these points in order to make purchases at a few local businesses within the city. Furthermore, the residents are going to receive collection containers from the curbside recycling officials.

These collection containers will have bar codes attached to them and the recycling volunteers will use them in order to measure the amount of waste that each resident is recycling. The employees from the Public Works Department will swipe these codes every time they pick up recyclables from the residents, and the residents will be awarded points for their recyclables.

The city council is hiring a lot of people in order to conduct the recycling pick-ups on time. The volunteers for this program are going to help the residents register for this program from the 13th of April, 2013. According to Joseph Fulmore, the Chairman of the Paterson Environmental Commission, close to 90 students are going to help the city council in this program, and they are hoping that a lot of families will sign up for this recycling system.

According to one of the volunteers of the program, Tyreese James, recycling will help in bettering the environmental conditions of the city, and also impact the health of the residents in a positive way. This is the reason why he decided to volunteer for the program. He also stated that all the volunteers of the program are determined towards increasing the recycling rates within the city.

Bamboo Tote Bags and Eco-Friendly Activities in Paterson

The city council of Paterson is also encouraging the residents to use eco-friendly items such as reusable totes, and bamboo tote bags in their day-to-day routine. The authorities feel that if the residents develop an eco-friendly lifestyle, the living conditions within the city will be improved, so they have taken up the responsibility of promoting eco-friendly behavior among the residents.