The amount of paper filling up your local landfill is staggering and increasing every day. Wasted paper and paper products make up over a third of landfill waste these days. Individuals and companies are becoming more eco-friendly with paper use by sending emails instead of paper memos, recycling paper products regularly, printing on both sides of a sheet of paper and of course paying bills online rather than through the mail. However, human consumption of trees and paper products is still incredibly high. There's obviously still a high demand and need for paper products. A remedy for this is to use seed paper. This is a biodegradable handmade type of paper that is not only made from recycled paper, but is embedded with plant and flower seeds. The purpose of this astounding paper is not only to recycle, but to have a safe alternative when discarding your used paper. This type of paper isn't for the trash can, but it can be planted in a flower pot or in your garden for growing. This miraculous green paper can add beauty and charm to your home or even your office flower pots.

This type of paper can be folded, bent, cut and crumpled just as regular paper so its uses are endless. Any company can use this miraculous paper for promotional uses. Business cards, greeting cards, invitations, newsletters, postcards and even gift tags are popular uses among both large and small scale companies. This is both a creative and the revolutionary way to attract customers that will help you beat out competitors not using green-products and save our precious trees. Custom Earth Promos use sheets of this amazing green product to create many different types of custom paper products. There are several options in color and type of seed to choose from for your plantable paper product. Many of the products are ready made or customizable, which is perfect for those who want to tailor their unique business needs to promote their brand. Imprinting is done with eco-friendly ink and there is the option for printable seed paper as well.