Six municipalities in Berks County are gearing up to share the recycling grants given by the state, in order to develop the present recycling systems in their regions. Berks County falls under the state of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania state authorities are giving the county officials one million dollars to improve their existing recycling programs.

Grants for the Municipalities in Berks County

On the 9th of February, 2013, the Department of Environment Protection in the state announced that it will award approximately $17.8 million to 131 counties and municipalities in the state of Pennsylvania. In Berks County, the municipalities that will receive the grants are Reading, Lower Heidelberg Township, Muhlenberg Township, Heidelberg Township, Maxatawny Township, and Kenhorst.

Reading is expected to receive $250,000, Lower Heidelberg Township will receive $241,758, Muhlenberg Township will get $242,118, Heidelberg Township will receive $32,069, Maxatawny Township will get $247,500, while Kenhorst is expected to receive $49,765. According to Mike Krancer, the Secretary of the Department of Environment Protection, recycling will eventually help in improving the economy of the state by restoring the natural resources in the region. Therefore, the state authorities are making efforts to promote recycling among the residents.

According to Krancer, the Department of Environment Protection is always willing to invest in activities that promote eco-friendly behavior among the people. All the counties and municipalities that are a part of this grant program will be allowed to claim 90 percent of the costs incurred in the  approved recycling program. In addition to this, the regions that have been identified as Financial Distressed Communities will be allowed to make 100 percent claims.

Berks County Promote Eco-Friendly Bags Among the Municipalities and Communities

Along with giving grants to the communities and counties for their recycling programs, the officials from the Department of Environment Protection are promoting eco-friendly bags among the residents of these regions. According to the officials, if the residents in these localities switch to using eco friendly bags, the litter level in these regions will reduce. So the authorities will be able to formulate better recycling programs in these regions.

The grants that are being issued by the department will be used to better the recycling processing units, to develop compost operating units, to improve the recycling vehicles, and to formulate web-based programs to monitor activities related to recycling. Some regions are also going to use these grants to develop educational materials so as to encourage recycling among the residents.