As you search for a custom bag, you need to decide if you need big or small bags. Luckily, we have all the bags that you need when you want to market your business properly. Large bags work for some companies, small bags work for others, and some companies need a big catalog of bags to choose from.

Take a look at Custom Earth Promos when you are ready to buy custom bags big and small.

Should A Custom Bag Be Huge?

A custom bag can be huge if your company sells large items. You might own a market where people spend all day filling these bags to the brim. You can order a bag that has a full color printing of your logo or art that speaks to your business, and the bag is like a billboard that people carry around when they leave your business.

Should Your Shopping Bags Be Small?

A custom bag can be very small because the printing of your logo, art, and business information can take up most of the face of the bag. Some shoppers do not need a large bag, and they have no use for it when they leave your store. You can give your customers progressively larger bags as they need them. Each of the bags can have the very same printed design.

How Should The Bags Be Constructed?

The bags should be constructed using the heavy stitching and x-stitches that we are known for at Custom Earth Promos. We want our customers to know that the bags will not fall apart. You do not want your customers to walk away with anything less than the best bag. 

Contact our friendly customer service team at Custom Earth Promos today if you need help deciding between big and small.