Keeping the need for reduction of waste and recycling in mind, the footwear division at ‘Body Glove' has decided to take on an eco-friendly stand. They have partnered with PLUS Foam Compound Technologies for their collection for the year 2014. The main objective of the venture is to do away with post-manufacturing wastage which is commonly seen in the footwear manufacturing industry.

Partnership for an Eco-Friendly Cause

The footwear industry is responsible for a large amount of post-manufacturing waste. The need for an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing was felt by the team at ‘Body Glove' due to the adverse effect that the waste had on the environment. As a result of this, two environment conscious companies – ‘Body Glove' and ‘PLUS Foam Compound Technologies' joined hands to introduce a range of eco-friendly footwear for their 2014 collection.

The CEO of Body Glove, John Chenciner, stated that the footwear division was on the lookout for a Zero Carbon Footprint. They felt it was important to embark on dependable manufacturing programs that would be beneficial to the environmental without compromising on the quality of their products. This is what initiated the partnership between both the companies. The partnership will be showcased at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah, at Salt Lake City, this summer.

The Eco Zero Line will be released in two designs – Eco Zero Flex and Eco Zero Curve, both made of completely recyclable, performance-based foam from Plus. This collection will be available at all major stores specializing in sporting goods and retailers across the nation. Customers will be encouraged to recycle through in-store education programs as well as future discounts that they can benefit from, provided the customer recycles through Plus Foam Compound Technologies' international reclaim facilities.

Rightly said by Eli McGinty – the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Body Glove's footwear division, it is important to educate clients and encourage eco-friendly purchasing practices along with engaging more eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Style and Comfort With Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Our planet is facing grave danger posed by pollution and the overuse of natural resources. Companies have realized the damage that many manufacturing processes are causing to the environment and are now opting for a more eco-friendly approach. The measures taken by environment conscious companies prove to be highly beneficial not only to consumers but to our planet as well. The production of eco friendly promotional items further gives the employees a clearer conscience and they can say with pride that they are doing their bit for the environment. If every company switches to eco-friendly measures, our planet will definitely be a better place.