When you are ordering shopping bags, you may want a border that adds a little more structure. This means that you can block out certain areas for your designs. The rest of the bag can be a color or a pattern. No matter what you choose, you have several options at your disposal.

Work with Custom Earth Promos today when you are ready to add borders to your shopping bags. You will be very excited with the results.

Shopping Bags & Borders Limit Space

When you want to add designs to your shopping bags, you might get carried away. It's ok. Some people do. You might not want to put too much on the bag or have designs competing for attention with the logo or the name of the company. Because of this, you can use borders that come down from the handles. Another border can go around the upper half of the bag, and you can plunk your logo in the middle.

Contrasting Colors

When you use these borders to help draw attention to your logo, you can also use contrasting colors. Contrasting colors are a lot of fun to use because you can make the difference very stark. For example, you might have black handles and a border on a bright yellow bag. If you want to add a secondary color from your logo, you can make the handles and border that color to make it all work together nicely.

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When you are ready to order shopping bags, you must make sure that you have taken a look at all your options and considered how borders will make a difference. You can turn your bags into something very unique, and you will not go crazy with the design. Adding secondary colors or using contrasting colors makes these bags come to life.