Like many other counties and cities in the US, the town council in Breckenridge is soon going to discuss whether or not they should charge the residents a fee for using paper or plastic bags while shopping. According to experts, many city councils are going to consider this issue in the current year, as a lot of US states are expected to impose a state-wide ban on the usage of plastic bags.

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According to the officials from the town, the town council of Breckenridge is currently considering whether or not they should prohibit the usage of plastic and paper bags within the region by charging a fee on their usage. If this rule is passed by the town council, the residents in the region will have to pay a sum of 10 cents in order to purchase a plastic or paper bag from the store owners. The revenue that will be collected from this system will be distributed equally among the retailers and the town council of Breckenridge. Furthermore, the residents who use reusable bags for their mundane shopping needs will be awarded through discounts.

At present, this proposal is being discussed by the town council in detail, and it will be voted on in the month of April, 2013. Before the formal voting session, the residents and retailers within the town will be allowed to express their point of views on this matter. The town officials are hoping that the residents will support the fee system, nonetheless, they stated that they will consider all the residents opinions in a fair manner.

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Even though the town council is going to acknowledge the residents' opinion on this matter, they will most likely implement the fee system on the usage of plastic and paper bags. This is because cheap totes wholesale are eco-friendly in nature and they can be disposed easily. Also, with the increase in the number of reusable bags in the region, the quantity of plastic bags in the town's landfill will reduce.

According to experts, plastic bags are a major concern for the town as they degrade the condition of the landfill, and they also have derogatory impacts on the water system within the town. So the town council wants to promote reusable bags among the residents. Since other counties have benefited from plastic bags bans, the town council feels that this fee system will benefit Breckenridge as well.