Colorful Recycled Canvas Bags Are Great 

Canvas bags have been popping up all over, because businesses put their logos on them, then gives them away as advertising. If you have acquire way to many of these bags, there are several ways to use recycled canvas bags.

If your a seamstress, you might try making aprons or throw pillows. Canvas is a tough material that lasts along time. Just make sure you turn the bags inside out before you begin your project so the logos won't show. If you sew, you can also applique a pretty picture over the logo and donate them to schools. If you can't sew there is copy paper like material that you can print on. Then you can use an iron to stick the cloth like paper to the bags.

If you can craft, there are several colors of recycled canvas bags so you can cut them up and block them if you want to sew them together to make something larger. You can paint flowers over the logo or even design your own logo to advertise your own business. You can also sew dozens of small pockets in and outside the bags and use them to store small crafting items.

If your handy with a hot glue gun, you can make wall hanging out of the canvas bags by gluing on a border and you can even glue matching borders on shaped like picture frames so people can enjoy your photos. You can also get some wooden strips and make kite shape wall hangings. You don't have to be an artist to make these. Just paint the kites different bright colors.

There is hundreds of uses for canvas bags like, using them for an outdoor close pin bag, knitting bag, grocery bag, book bag, and a computer bag. If you decorate them, they can be used for almost anything. Where your decorating them for yourself or someone else they can have new life breathed into them.

There is so many projects you can use canvas bags for that there isn't enough room here to name them all. Just look on your computer to fine projects you can use recycled canvas bags for. Get what ever kind of supplies the project calls for and get busy. You might be surprised to find out what you can make.