As people exercise and play on a daily basis in hot weather they need water and usually carry around a water bottle and once they are done with the water bottle they turn the bottle in to be recycled that can be made into recycled lanyards. Other types of material lanyards are made from besides water bottles are bamboo, cotton and corn helping to make our environment healthier.

As we go to work, or watch a sports program, or wear a bracelet, or carry a special key chain all of these items that are used every day are made from recycled lanyards. The whistle that hangs around a referee's neck that holds the whistle with metal clips helps to keep the whistle in place, so the game rules can be applied accurately.

Another way lanyards can be used is to be put on zippers such as coats or purses to help zip them closed or open easier. Instead of trying to get hold of a zipper the lanyards can be held easier and add color to the coat or purse. People always have key chains for their house, car, or business, and having a lanyard attached to the key chain can help a person find their keys quicker.

When there is a big fair or any big event many people will walk about among prospective customers wearing the lanyard identification cards with their name, picture, and what booth they have can help to advertise the product they are selling. Some people would rather use a lanyard clip attached to their upper clothing to put their identification card on rather than around their neck. Either way is appropriate and brings about a professional look.

To know an employee's first name, picture and the department they work in can be seen right away by wearing a lanyard laminated identification card around their neck helps to identify them right away.

Organizations for good causes can wear lanyard bracelets to give a message to people to remind them to donate to a worthy cause, or to remind people to keep healthy and safe, while many of the lanyards have no writings on them, but have bright colors just like the lanyards that do have writings on them.