Reusable bags are known to help the environment as they do not pollute the environment like plastic bags and also can be reused and recycled. After using them for a while, you can also wash them and reuse the clean tote. Quite a few cities and counties in the United States of America have imposed a ban on plastic bags, which has increased the usage of wholesale reusable bags and has reduced the rising levels of pollution.

Five Cents to Be Donated for Every Reusable Tote Shoppers Carry in Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove in the state of Illinois, USA has joined the green movement by encouraging the residents to being their own reusable totes, instead of carrying plastic or paper bags. A food chain called Sunset Foods in Buffalo Grove has agreed to donate five cents to all the local schools in the area, for every custom reusable shopping bag the shoppers provide at the checkout counters. Officials of the city are hence, encouraging the shoppers to carry their own reusable bags while shopping at Sunset Foods.

Schools in Buffalo Grove Stand to Benefit from the Wholesale Reusable Bags

Every shopper who carries a reusable tote while shopping at Sunset Foods, which is in Long Grove, will be helping the local schools of Buffalo Grove. The program that Sunset Foods has initiated is called the Nickels for Nature program. Under this program, Sunset Foods will donate five cents to the schools, per reusable tote customers bring. All the money will be shared by the schools that come under District 103, District 102 and District 101.

Sunset Foods has been offering wholesale reusable bags since twenty years, according to what the CEO and President of the company said. John Cortesi, the CEO of Sunset Foods, also said that  providing customers with reusable totes make the people more eco-minded. It is quite an important practice, which benefits not only the community but the entire planet.

Long Grove store's aim is to partner with local high schools

According to what Cortesi said, the main aim of opening the store in Long Grove was to create partnerships with the high schools of the area. As of now, Sunset Foods is well established with most of these high schools, through the food chain's participation in various fund raisers and charity events. The main aim of Sunset Foods is to target the students and their families in order to help them become more eco-minded and help by giving back to nature.