Monadnock Paper Mills is one of the oldest and continuously operating paper mills in the USA. It was founded in 1819 and currently operates from Bennington,NH. The paper mill company has exemplified the transforming mind-sets of other brands by willing to change all their process in order to ensure performance with conscience.

A bunch of fiber-based solutions were launched by Monadnock sometime recently, for environment-friendly brand owners. The solutions are made as an alternative to plastics and comprise of high-quality materials, called as Envi Portfolio. Monadnock's sustainability-seeking packaging clients so far include Burt's Bees and Gap Inc., according to recent reports. Fiber-based solutions to plastics are another addition to the list of eco-friendly promotional items.

Gap Inc. And Burt's Bees Love Making Sustainable Choice with the Sustainable Packaging Project

According to a spokesperson from Gap Inc., the company is dedicated to making choices that are sustainable and work for the customer base and for the entire environment. Monadnock's new project, Envi Portfolio, comprises of recycled paper, environmentally friendly and gift card item, which allows Gap Inc. to bring the entire effort to their stores.

Burt's Bees said something similar and added that Monadnock Paper Mills is helping brands like them to make more number of sustainable packaging choices, without giving up on aspects such as performance, budget or beauty.

Envi Portfolio is an Eco-Friendly Promotional Item: Verified and Certified

Monadnock has used renewable and responsibly sourced post-consumer and fiber waste, which is ESC Certified, and put together in a chlorine-free manufacturing process. The Envio Portfolio is a hundred percent carbon neutral and is manufactured under green electrical energy, and is independently verified under ISO 1400. The entire process is also certified under the Environmental Management System ad has been audited as well. Monadnock is completely dedicated to environmental stewardship.

How Long Will the Sustainable Packaging Project Take to Be Embraced by Public?

Since the project is brand new, the company doesn't really know as to when this expedition will be completely embraced by other brands. But on the bright side, brands increasingly understand the use of sustainability in their work processes.

In facet, numerous reports even state that sustainability is directly tied to increasing revenues, and less harm is done to the environment as the brands are stopping the usage of plastic. Delaying the switch from using plastic packaging to sustainable materials, might just turn bad for the company, as investors are more eco-minded these days and prefer eco-friendly items.