The US Environmental Protection Agency has been issuing emission regulations for the trucking industry for several years now, and California's regulations are even stricter. The California based Acclaimed Encino Movers have taken up an initiative to make their trucks more eco-friendly in an effort to abide by the stringent regulations of the state.

Eco-Friendly Addition to the Encino Movers

Acclaimed Encino Movers was already the top choice as a moving company among the residents of California. After the eco-friendly enhancements that the company is making to its trucks, there is no doubt that any moving company will be unable to stand in competition with it. The eco friendly promotional items that the company is using for its trucks include bio-diesel as a fuel and air filters from Smart Way. They have also incorporated tires which have very little rolling resistance, and thus saved fuel. This way, the company has reduced its carbon footprint radically.

There is a reason why Acclaimed has been a favorite among Californian residents. It has an extensive experience in relocating all sorts of homes and businesses, and has been in operation for over 10 years. The employees have proper uniforms, and receive adequate training in packing and moving all sorts of items. Even delicate electronic equipment is seldom damaged by them. All trucks used by Acclaimed have GPS trackers so that they can be easily tracked. Acclaimed also provides you with a climate-controlled storage space for both short-and-long term if required.

The customer service they provide is also the best in the industry, along with the affordable rates of moving. They offer a free quote if you need to perform a move. Apart from their efficiency and affordability, their reliability makes a big difference to all the customers. The new additions to their trucks will enable them to offer services without delay even when the new regulations are passed.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Encouraged by Encino Movers

The emission requirements of the state of California are stricter than the requirements set by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. So, the companies in California which need to use trucks have to meet higher standards so as to operate. The eco friendly promotional items that Acclaimed Encino Movers have used to improve their trucks all comply with the regulatory norms of California. Not only have they augmented their trucks to be eco friendly, but they also use soy ink and soy-based paper, which are made sustainably, to print their contracts. All these moves have made Acclaimed Encino Movers one of the most environment-friendly moving companies in California.