While you might have wondered how you can make a difference in your community, you might not have considered all the niche industries that need to go green. The medical industry is trying its best to go green. While there are many (rightly) disposal and non-reusable items in the medical field, medical gases could be more eco-friendly. Can anesthesia go green? You can learn more here.

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Can Anesthesia Be Eco-Friendly?

Yes. There are researchers who believe that medical gases should be captured and turned into more medical gases. Effectively, this would create a massive system that recycles everything and prevents these gases from leeching ino the atmosphere. Some researchers have even called it “greening the operating room” as a nod to the theater where the most medical gases are used. You can learn more here.

How Does Anesthesia Impact the Community?

Remember, any industry that is wasteful will have an impact on other industries. As a result, lost anesthesia in an operating room could begin to affect prices in other sectors of the economy. This is something that many people do not realize because they see these gases as renewable resources.

Raw industrial materias are not always infinite in supply, especially considering there is a world helium shortage (among other issues.) As a result, it is important to reuse over and over as much as possible. This cyclical economy can work for any business.

Going Green With Your Business

Going green is just as easy as selling or offering reusable bags. You can hand out the reusable bags and ask your customers to give them back when they are done. You can also ask that they always bring their reusable bags back to the store. Simple initiatives like this make a big difference.