As the cryptocurrency market goes through some growing pains, it has left quite a lot of room for the NFT space. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are also known as crypto art, and they have become popular among investors and celebrities. In fact, business can make quite a lot of money from an NFT. But, can they be eco-friendly? Learn more here.

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The WWF Wants to Sell NFTs

The World Wildlife Fund is hoping to sell NFTs as part of a fundraising project, but that means going into the energy-intensive crypto sector. Cryptocurrency has always been heavy on energy, and many groups have come out against this move. It almost seems counterintuitive, but the WWF of the UK wants to do something that is going to attract more people who will be interested in their conservation efforts.

Can NFTs Be Eco-Friendly?

To a point. There are platforms that aim to cut back on energy use in the crypto space, but when you purchase an NFT using Ethereum, you are going on the Ethereum blockchain and using quite a lot of energy in the first place. Some would say you have to take drastic steps to earn money for the cause, but others claim it offends the group’s principles. A report from Time says that an eco-friendly NFT could be possible in the near future.

Changes at Home

Making changes at home is also a good idea. For example, if you plan to invest in cryptocurrency or NFTs, try to find the more eco-friendly platform. This is a small thing, but it can make a difference. You can also invest in reusable bags, get away from plastic, and cut back on waste as much as you can. Plus, you want your community to be prepared. You can sell branded face masks, give them to employees, and remain a leader in public wellness.